PanEco Ecolodge

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang Restaurant 2



The «Kapal Bambu» restaurant is the latest jewel of of Ecolodge Bukit Lawang. Constructed from natural and sustainably harvested bamboo and clay, which are found in sufficient quantities in the local environment of Bukit Lawang, this innovative design serves as a showcase for sustainable development. Facades, roofing, stairs, railings, lighting and furniture are all produced from bamboo. The floor of the basement is manufactured from a polished terrazzo cement floor while the bar counter, a beton moulding, and the walls are made from clay. Moreover, communities have been and are involved in the purchase, preservation, manufacture and maintenance of bamboo, providing eco-friendly livelihoods for the local people.

All the bamboo luminaires have been designed by the architect and produced in the workshop on the ground of Ecolodge Bukit Lawang, positioned so as to highlight the innovative structural framework. Most of the bamboo originates from within a radius of 60 kilometres of Bukit Lawang. It was pulled by water buffaloes out the forest to reach the trucks and transported to Timban Lawang’s bamboo preservation centre.

Some of the remaining materials originate from close surroundings, such as stones, gravel, and clay from the river. Cement and iron for fittings were purchased in Medan, while the bamboo shingles from a bamboo factory in Bali, and the special ‘bamboo duri’ (spiky bamboo) for the indoor railing from East Java.

Project Details

Architect: Lukas Zollinger, Zobrar
Location: Ecolodge, Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Client: Stiftung Paneco
Completed: 2016
Design: 2014


  • Design Review & Modification
  • Material Selection
  • Treatment Protocol
  • Bamboo Factory Construction
  • Material Preparation
  • Construction Training
  • Site Preparation