Livable Home

Livable Home offers comprehensive living solutions, taking care of the entire planning process and construction management. In order to create a higher living standard in tropical areas, they developed an affordable, sustainable house type in Tanzania. Making use of local resources, they just started construction in Zanzibar. The bamboo factory where the houses will be pre-fabricated is one of the first in the whole of Africa. In order to construct and produce with bamboo, a bamboo workshop and multiple training courses were given by Vinc Math.

Livable Home is a partner of the development project “Fumba Town”, which is creating a higher living standard for the local community in Zanzibar by developing a new city in the south-west of Zanzibar.


Project Details

Designer/Architect: Martin Mikat, Vinc Math
Location: Fumba, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Client: Livable Home
Completed: Incomplete
Design: 2015
Tasks: Bamboo Construction Workshop


  • Design Review & Modification
  • Material Selection
  • Bamboo Preperation Training
  • Material Sourcing
  • Construction Training
  • Machine Handling Workshops
  • Construction Supervision
  • Construction Strategy
  • Quality Control



Bamboo Forest, Sourcing, Maramba Area, Tanga, Tanzania, Photo by VM

Bamboo Storage, Fumba, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Photo by Vm

Three-Pack Beam, Fumba, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Photo by VM

Double-Pack Beam & Bamboo Nails, Fumba, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Photo by VM

Bamboo Nail Production, Fumba, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Photo by VM

Finished Bamboo Nails, Fumba, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Photo by VM