Green School was conceived by its founders, John and Cynthia Hardy in 2006, following their exit from their jewelry business. After years of homeschooling, the Hardy’s wanted their daughters to attend a ‘real’ school. John wanted the girls to attend a school that he believed in, a school that he would want to attend, and he wanted to stay in Bali. Green School opened in September 2008 with 90 students and a tailor-made campus that emerged from the jungle and rice fields. Since then it has grown to 400 students and to an inspiring example of education for sustainability.

Project Details

Designer: IBUKU, Jörg Stamm
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Client: Green School
Completed: 2014
Task: Furniture Production, Planning & Improvement of Bamboo Playground, Structural Inspections, Student Workshops


  • Design Review (Furniture & Architecture)
  • Installation
  • Structural Inspections
  • Long-Term Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Site Supervision
  • Management Coordination